Speaking Clearly To Get The Position
Speaking Fluently To Get The Promotion

If you are serious about scoring higher on English speaking tests or job interviews...

If you are serious about advancing your career and receiving greater recognition and opportunities...

The American Accent Program is your Key To Achieving All of the Above

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The Ford Language Institute

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Empowering Individuals to Speak English Clearly and Fluently with an American Accent

Over the past 40 years, millions of individuals around the world, have successfully used the distinguished American Accent Programs developed by the Ford Language Institute:

You Are Our Focus for Success Speaking Clearly & Fluently To Be Easily Understood with a Natural American Accent.

Improve Interview Confidence

Strong English speaking skills lead to a more successful and confident interview experience.

Advance Your Career

Advanced English speaking skills demonstrate competence and increase the chances of being recognized and rewarded for your contributions in the workplace.

Enhance Phone Communication Skills

Communicating effectively and confidently over the phone leads to a more positive and professional conversation.

Conquer Public Speaking

Speaking English clearly and fluently will reduce your fear of public speaking and create a more effective and confident performance.

Confident Social Interactions

Speaking clearly and fluently allows you to engage in coversations with comfort, ease, and greater enjoyment.

Achieve English Communication Goals

Mastering the American Accent will dramatically improve your ability to speak English clearly and fluently in any setting.

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